Terms & Conditions

The Pass With Lee Promise:
All of our customers are entitled to the "Pass First Time Or Free Lessons Forever" Pass With Lee Promise.

Due to our clear training process, it will be obvious to both parties once the correct standard has been reached.
Once you can comfortably perform all the driving skills required without any verbal or physical assistance from your Instructor - then you're ready.

You can then book your driving test and any failed test attempts will then result in your receiving free unlimited lessons until you do pass.

Any driving tests that are booked prior to starting with us or without the approval of your driving instructor, may result in the removal of the Pass With Lee Promise. 
The remedial free unlimited lessons must be started with no more than a two month gap from when you fail your driving test.

For university students who fail their tests in the summer period before starting/returning to university, we are happy to extend the gap between restarting their lessons to four months so that remedial training can be conducted on your return for the Christmas period.

Lesson Confirmation:
You will receive a confirmation message the day before your lesson.  
Please message us back to confirm your attendance. 

Driving Instructor arrival times:
Due to traffic conditions and the large area your driving instructor covers, you must allow a 15 minute window for your instructor's arrival time.  

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel your driving lesson, we understand. Things happen in life.  Please let us know ideally 24 hours before your driving lesson is booked, or as soon as possible.

Refund Policy:
Should you have a change of heart regarding your training, for personal reasons or if you are unhappy with the service, we can offer you a refund of the remaining hours within the block that you have purchased.
The refund policy states you must allow 28 days for the refund to be received.

Complaints Procedure:
If you would to make a complaint against Pass With Lee Driving School, please email leespary@live.co.uk and the matter will be dealt with urgently.

Unacceptable behaviour:
Your training may be terminated if you behave inappropriately towards your Driving Instructor or your fellow road users.